Friday, October 7, 2011


"Sometimes you have to look past what you're looking at to see what you want to see." Doesn't that sound like someone important said it? Actually I just made it up. The great (and sometimes terrible) thing about blogs is that people get to look inward and say what they really want to say.

When I look inward I see desserts...

It's difficult to describe where ideas for photos come from. Sometimes it's seeing something interesting and trying to find an angle that paints it in a desirable light. Sometimes you hear words in a song or spoken out loud that strike a chord somewhere. Sometimes you see a social trend and feel the need to comment on it artistically. The point here is that in order to be creative you have to always be looking. Keep your eyes open to new experiences, places, sounds, people. You'll find that the more you look for, the more you'll see.
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