Monday, October 24, 2011


For those that haven't seen or heard or guessed yet... I have a not so secret love affair with food. I grew up in a fairly standard black household. The food that I ate as a child was about as diverse as the U.N. . My mother would make tamales, lasagna, soups, pies, cakes, cookies, burgers, pizzas, fish, steaks, pork chops and yes... fried chicken. I was very young when I learned to appreciate eating different kinds of foods and my pallet (as pretentious as I still think that word is) was fairly expansive by the time I was in my early teens.

Now, I am wonderfully blessed in that I live in San Diego. Pretty much every type of food I've ever eaten is readily available to me in short order; with the notable exception of truly good Chinese Food. That just hasn't made its way down the coast yet. In the mean time I've been into the idea of different kinds of meats and fish that I haven't tried yet. In particular I'm interested in eating meats that are gathered responsibly with regards to the environment / animals they come from. Above you'll see a burger that was made with bison meat. Let me tell you... it is delicious.

Going to make a concerted effort over the next few months to try eating / making new things. There will be plenty of photo evidence to back up this delicious experiment ;)

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