Thursday, July 14, 2011

Project Woes

So I started a new project about automobiles. Cars, if you look at them just right, kind of have a face. I want to go and collect as many "Car Faces" as possible but there is a small problem with this. All cars I come across are parked in really crappy places to get a good shot of their grill (pun intended).

So far my luck has been pretty rotten and it's a lot slower going than I'd like it to be. To be fair I haven't really devoted time to this project so much as I've given it a passing whim whenever I'm out and about with my camera.

So starting this weekend?...Tomorrow? Today! I'm going to set aside time to search for cars with a decent amount of space behind them that have an interesting look to their "face."

Better yet, if YOU true believer know of anyone with a wicked awesome (boston accent) car that would like to have a quick photo sesh. Send them my way!
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