Monday, July 11, 2011

Is that even a word?


Maybe it is...maybe it isn't. Wait no nuts to that I'll go ahead and say that it is. I've got a lot of musings that a status update or a circle share (ew?) won't really have room to get across. I figured that if I bloggity blogged then it'd be a great way to get words out there to go along with my images.

I am swimming in the deep end of post processing at the moment. Strike that last one. I'm actually mostly done with all of the post work I needed to do. This is the cool thing about not feeling the need to digitally beautify that beauty mark or lashify those lashes. All I really look for in post is light levels, contrast, and every now and then a bit of light color correction.

If you get it right while you're shooting then you can spend less time stuck on a computer and more time making photos.
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