Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

I'm fighting what I like to call "work comfort." It's that point you reach where you job is enough to provide you with essentials: food, roof, entertainment... but the amount of time I spend there cuts into energy usually reserved for heading out into the world to do what I love to do. Make photos. The past week has been even heavier. As I type this I'm getting ready to go in for my 7th day of work in a row. There are open hours in the day, sure, but I've been feeling pretty strapped for free time lately.

Ok so maybe I have some spare time...

Thankfully, I have a very understanding girlfriend. The lady is happy to take a bit of our time together and use it to satisfy my need for little photo adventures. Just the other night we took a quick detour into downtown San Diego so I could get a shot I had been thinking about for the better part of a week.

Worth it.

I let my last full time job completely sap my energy for photography. It may have been because I felt dirty for shilling crappy souvenir prints to people who didn't really want/need them. It may have been the commute when the job was far away. It may have been the added responsibility of being management. In any event I let it pretty much kill my creativity.

I won't let that happen again.
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