Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Relative Interest

Going back to the Bay Area for the holidays always has a weird affect on me. This year was particularly interesting in that we spent it at an uncle's house whom I had (unwittingly) recently offended. It was apparently water under the bridge though because the day went pretty smoothly. There was a lot of food (mmm broccoli casserole) and I definitely ate my fill.

I did get asked at one point why I didn't bring my camera to my uncle's house. My answer was something along the lines of " I figured there would be plenty of cameras, and I didn't feel like lugging mine with me." The real reason was more like "I didn't feel like being asked to take every single photo like last time." About five seconds after I said this I turned and counted five cameras pointed in the face of the newest addition to the family. Personal Paparazzi at its finest.

I spent a good amount of time talking with my dad's oldest brother; I always new my uncle Mo was interested in photography but I didn't really know just how much. Apparently, he would drag my dad places to take pictures all the time. I was glad to hear this, as it proves that there's something else I got from my dad besides my penchant for yelling at the T.V. while watching football. At the close of the conversation he mentioned that if I ever want to do Yosemite, or the Grand Canyon, or Yellowstone that I should give him a call to tag along.

I would actually like to do Arches National Park sometime in 2012. I'll definitely give him a call.

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